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Chat online with a certified ergonomist

ErgoChat lets you consult with a live ergonomist via online chat. It's a simple, easy way to get immediate answers to your ergonomic questions from a real, live, ergonomic expert. Need tips on avoiding neck strain? Or perhaps your wrist is hurting and you're looking for a recommendation on ways to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome. An ErgoChat ergonomist can help you – instantly.

ErgoChat Screenshot It's just like using the chat system you're already used to. Except this time you'll be communicating with an ergonomic expert whose sole objective is to help you solve your ergonomic issues. Right now.

Virtual Ergonomist™

Professional, remote ergonomic evaluations
Virtual Ergonomist

Our Virtual Ergonomist (VE) will make a personal appointment to help you with any ergonomic issue. VEs are professionally trained and certified and have broad experience in ergonomic issues. A VE can evaluate your workspace and environment and recommend appropriate solutions. Then the VE will assist you in correctly setting up and using your workspace. All over the telephone.

Savings Professional ergonomists typically charge hundreds of dollars to travel to a worksite to perform an ergonomic evaluation. Our VEs eliminate the time and expense of travel, and that saves your money and time.

Interactive Ergonomic Education

Comprehensive ergonomic education online
Ergonomic Education

MyErgoStat gives you instant access to a wealth of interactive ergonomic educational content. For example, MyErgoStat's content can help you learn how to prevent repetitive stress injuries, how to use at-your-desk exercises to prevent injury, and how to correctly use a host of ergonomic products. Spending a few minutes here could help protect you from a lifetime of discomfort.

Ergonomic Education Screenshot A picture really is worth a thousand words – or maybe several thousand. Using our online educational material is a great way to learn to use your ergonomic products and solutions more effectively.

Product Specific Education

The leading database of ergonomic products
Ergonomic Product Education

There are a host of ergonomic products available today. Some of them are outstanding, some are less helpful. Some work well in certain conditions. Our staff ergonomists evaluate products every day to help you make better product decisions. We provide in-depth information you won't find elsewhere. We know that the product decisions you make can affect your comfort and health for years to come.

But we do more. MyErgoStat provides the information you need to help you set up and use your ergonomic products correctly. We know that using the right product the wrong way is only a partial solution.

Health and Wellness Info

Helpful information for the rest of your life
Health & Wellness

There's more to life than work (but we promise not to tell your boss that). Here's where you'll find information to help you live a healthier life, whether at work, at home or at play. This is an outstanding resource for information on topics as diverse as disease prevention, weight management, home safety, smoking cessation, aging, and even managing chronic disease.

Health & Wellness Education Screenshot Our desire is to help you lead a happy, healthy life, 24/7, at work or at rest. The choices you make today often affect the rest of your life. MyErgoStat provides information that helps you make healthier choices.